Kete Korero


KETE korero, the official newsletter of the Diocese of Hamilton, was launched in 1996, the fourth newsletter format since the first Hamilton Diocesan News was published in July 1982. The name KETE korero, meaning ‘baskets of talk’ was chosen by Bishop Takuira Mariu SM.  Thanks to the generosity of sponsors and advertisers, KETE korero is delivered free of charge to all the parishes and several schools in the diocese.



To make news and information about the Diocese of Hamilton available to the people of the diocese, and to share stories about people, parishes, schools and groups.



To source news and information from as wide a base as possible, and to be as inclusive as limited space allows.

Organisations and individuals who have something of interest to contribute are urged to do the following:

·        Let the editor know in advance that something is coming up.

·        Advance information is preferred to reports that may be weeks old before they are published.

·        Note that the length of the average story is short – long accounts of events will almost certainly be cut. Articles        should be around 500 words.

·        Photographs are appreciated provided they are clear and well lighted.  Close-ups reproduce better than distance         shots. People in groups should also be positioned close together, without wide gaps in between. Photographs           may be sent as prints or digital files. The latter should be high quality and  in jpg format.

·        Information published in KETE korero are also published on the diocesan website.





The Editor

KETE korero

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