Multi Mail


Multi-Mail is a regular mail out service to parishes provided by the diocesan centre. It contains non-confidential correspondence to parishes, information and publicity material from diocesan departments and organizations, and sometimes packages of resource materials.

Multi-mail is emailed every Tuesday. Hard copy mail outs take place once a month, usually prior to the last Wednesday of the month.

Different items in a Multi-Mail package may have different destinations, eg some mail may be intended for the liturgy committee, or the parish pastoral council.

It is essential that the person opening Multi-Mail ensures that items are distributed as soon as possible to the intended recipient. (See also Policy section below)


To provide a cost effective, up to date communication service to parishes.


Items circulated through Multi-Mail must be from diocesan departments, groups and organisations, or from outside bodies which are recognised and approved by the diocese. There is a policy covering the promotion of speakers and presenters to ensure that any event publicised through Multi-Mail does not contradict Catholic teaching.

Each parish should determine its own policy as to the handling of Multi-Mail eg whether the parish priests wishes to see every item before distribution, or whether the person opening the mail can act on it or distribute it immediately. In a parish without a resident priest it should be clear who has responsibility for dealing with matters needing immediate attention.


Diocesan groups and organizations wishing to use Multi-Mail to distribute information should contact reception at Chanel Centre to arrange this, and must deliver the material by Monday afternoon prior to the date of mailing. If the material is to be photocopied at Chanel Centre, a charge will be made to cover the copy cost.


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