Diocesan Archives


The Archive has been set up as required by Canon Law to preserve the institutional and cultural memory of the Diocese of Hamilton. It is located at Chanel Centre in Hamilton.


1. Acquire and preserve all official papers recording the acts of the bishop of the diocese.

2. Acquire and preserve records of the various groups and agencies of the Diocese of

3. Acquire and preserve historical records and data regarding the diverse aspects of our diocese.

4. To Support Parishes, schools and other institutions in the keeping and establishment of their own archives.

5. Acquire and preserve general historical records regarding the Catholic Church in NZ.

6. Attempt to document progressively the pastoral activity within the diocese.

7. Preserve ‘the rich inheritance of the past’.

8. Give access to inspect the contents of the archive to those duly authorised.


Access to the Archive is granted by way of permission of the Bishop of Hamilton according to the appropriate Policy. More specific requests can be directed to either: the Bishop’s Secretary or the Archive Administrator.


The Archive Office is open Tuesday and Wednesday from 9.30am to 2pm

Archive Administrator

David Beirne

Chanel Centre
51 Grey Street
P O Box 4353,
Hamilton East

Tel: 07 856 6989

Fax: 07 896 7035