Priest Car Fund


A cooperative that purchases reliable and economic vehicles for priests of the diocese.


The function of the Car Fund is to purchase vehicles at fleet discount rates and renew them to best advantage of parishes, the Car Fund and members. (each parish is responsible for running expenses of vehicles used in the parish and priests are responsible for personal running costs.)


Each parish is required to support the fund with flat rate quarterly payments (presently $600.00 per quarter) for the supply and replacement of priests’ vehicles. This enables lower populated far-flung and poorer higher mileage parishes to benefit at the expense of highly populated and geographically smaller lower mileage parishes. The Clergy Trust Fund makes quarterly payments (presently $150.00 per quarter) to cover replacement costs for the priests’ personal use of vehicles. Vehicles are registered in the name of the R C Bishop of the Diocese of Hamilton. To help it provide vehicles for new priests the Fund does not pay interest on quarterly payments.


The Priests Car Fund Committee in conjunction with the Diocesan General Manager and the Diocesan Accountant administers the Fund in accordance with the Rules of the Priests Car Fund.


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