Visa Cards for House Trust Accounts



A funding mechanism to enable easy management of day-to-day costs at a parish level.




The purpose of providing Visa cards is to enable parishes and House Trust accounts to avoid the security issues surrounding carrying cash in order to make purchases.  In addition, the use of a Visa card avoids the need to visit the bank.  All transactions can be carried out electronically (from purchase to payment).




Each parish should approach the Diocesan General Manager to arrange a Visa card for each priest and housekeeper.  The Diocesan General Manager through the BNZ will arrange the cards.  Each card has a predetermined limit that restricts monthly expenditure to an acceptable level thus providing a level of security.


The Diocesan General Manager will arrange for the necessary documentation to be signed by the Bishop and for the cards to be provided.


Payment will be direct debited from the appropriate House Trust account on the appropriate day.


The individual parishes must ensure that the credit limit on each Visa Card is not exceeded so it is important to set realistic limits at the outset.


Ultimately, each parish is responsible for any misuse of the card – not the individual.




The Diocesan General Manager administers the cards and provides the point of contact with the bank.  Arrangements can be put in place for the Visa account to be direct debited to each individual House Trust account.




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