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Copyright is authority given by authors for others to make a copy or copies or to perform their works.  When people in a parish want to make a copy of words or music or pictures copyright permission is needed.

There are copyright agents.  These firms handle copyright for many publishing houses and authors.  

The main ones we use are Word of Life International Christian Copyright Licensing International(CCLI) and Licen Sing. 

There are different types of copyright licences.  The regular church copyright licence covers the reproduction of song lyrics or overhead transparencies by the church’s own hand.

1.    There is a mobile church copyright licence.

2.    Ad hoc one off events licence.

3.    A denominational  licence.

4.    A photocopy licence.

5.    A performance licence.

Copyright is a big industry and is continually growing.

CCLI covers many charismatic type hymns. Word of Life International covers many catholic hymns.

When someone obtains a copyright licence they enter into a contract, part of which is reporting back what has been copied. This means the owner of the copyright can be paid.


Copyright ensures that the owner of the copyright, usually the author or composer, receives just payment for their work.


It is the policy of the diocese that we honour copyright.  This means each parish gets the licence it requires. 

1.    You pay according to the number of copies you make or the number of eyes that read the overhead.

2.    A yearly report of copies made or times used is required as part of the licence.

3.    Different firms have different approaches.



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