Marriage & Family Life

Commission for Family



A group set up by the Diocesan Pastoral Council to encourage and assist groups and organisations in the Diocese that support the family.

This is done by:

1.            Keeping in touch with the leaders of the various family support groups such as Marriage Encounter, Married for  Life, Lovers for Life, Project Rachel, Lazarus.   The Four Seasons Programme.   The Passionist Family Movement, St Vincent de Paul, and the Catholic Women’s League.

2.            Enlisting the support of Family Contact people in each parish.


1.            The Family Commission tries to promote all family support groups in the diocese and to act as a source of information and co-ordination on issues and problems facing families.

2.            The Commission can facilitate communication between groups and with the Bishop and Diocesan Office and thus help people working for families in the Diocese to feel part of the larger Catholic family.

3.            The Commission encourages individuals to take a stand on family values when society and government policy or law contradicts these.   Examples of the kind of issues that are of concern are the legalisation of prostitution, abortion and same sex marriages, the promotion of euthanasia and the lowering of standards in the selection of programmes put to air on television and radio, and the promotion of gambling and the use of alcohol and drugs.

4.            The Commission promotes the values set out by our Holy Father in numerous encyclicals and teachings concerning the sacredness of marriage and family life and the view of the family as the Domestic Church, the cradle of faith in our society.



1.            The Lovers for Life Programme.  Co-ordinator Val Mildon, Hamilton

2.             The Marriage Encounter Programme, Robert and Denis Lee, Tauranga

3.             Married for Life, Willie and Ingrid Turner, Hamilton

4.             Lazarus Experience, Michael Rhodes, Tauranga

5.             Catholic Women’s League, Colleen Butcher, Cambridge

6.             Project Rachel, Cynthia Piper, Hamilton

7.             Passionist Family Movement, Rob and Lynn Hill, Paeroa

8.             Seasons for Growth Programme, Cynthia Piper, Hamilton.


Ms Carole Fleming – Convenor                                     

Catholic Family Support Services                                   

 P O Box 24 010, Hamilton                                            

 Phone/Fax  (07) 856 3760                                             



Mrs Trisha Koslow  -  Commission Member:                 

29 Stonebridge Estate                                                   

RD9 Hamilton                                                               

Phone (07) 846 7778