Adult Education


The Catholic Diocese of Hamilton offers a range of diploma courses in religious education, theology, scripture, pastoral ministry and pastoral leadership. Chanel Centre, as a teaching site of the Wellington Catholic Education Centre, teaches diploma and certificate level papers. Seminars and workshops are offered in parishes on a variety of topics. All these courses are open to any adult interested in study for academic or personal reasons.


1.    Certificate in Catechetical Studies is offered in partnership with the School of Education, University of Waikato. It is open      to student teachers who wish to gain this qualification in their pre-service years.

    Existing teachers who wish to attend courses in order to gain accreditation are welcome to enrol in relevant courses in the     certificate or diploma programmes.

2.    The diploma courses in religious studies and pastoral ministry are designed to enhance knowledge of scripture, theology,        liturgy and religious education and prepare teachers and parishioners for leadership roles. These courses are open to adult      students.

3.    Teaching sites: Chanel Centre; St John’s College, Hillcrest Rd Hamilton; St Mary Star of the Sea Parish Centre, Campion      Rd, Gisborne.


Certificate Diploma Programme Structure

Certificate in Catechetical Studies                                                                

Certificate in Pastoral Ministry                                                                                   

Certificate in Catholic Youth Ministry                                                                        

Diploma in Pastoral Leadership                                                                                 

Diploma in Religious Studies in:

              Pastoral Ministry                                          

              Religious Education                                     


The diploma and certificate courses are approved by NZQA and WCEC (through Chanel Centre), is accredited to teach them. Further courses are available by distance learning.

Individual advice is available to interested participants as well as presentations to Catholic groups, parishes, staff or BOT’s in Catholic schools and parishes and/or mini teaching sessions on a requested topic.



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