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Social Justice Office


Office charged with the responsibility for maintaining and promoting social justice in the Hamilton Diocese.


1.    To promote Catholic Social teaching in the diocese

2.    To engage in social action campaigns

3.    To advocate on behalf of those marginalised by unjust structures and practices

4.    To write submissions and lobby local and central government in relation to current issues of justice

5.    To provide secretariat facilities to the Commission for Social Justice
       To manage the annual Caritas Lenten Appeal in the Hamilton diocese        

6.    To maintain an active relationship with other Social Justice bodies – catholic,

.       ecumenical and secular

7.    To undertake research into current justice issues

8.     Policy


Papal encyclicals

NZ Bishops’ Conference statements

Annual Caritas booklets covering Social Justice Week topics – since 1997



The Social Justice Desk
Chanel Centre
51 Grey Street
PO Box 4353, Hamilton East
Tel:  07 856 6989
Fax: 07 856 7035