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Pregnancy Counselling Services


Pregnancy Counselling Services is a voluntary organization with specially trained Counsellors in Branches throughout New Zealand.
Twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, there is a counsellor to talk to by telephone, or face to face counselling can be arranged if preferred. Clients can ring collect.
Pregnancy Counselling Service is an independent Charitable Trust, and is not affiliated to any political or religious group.


Pregnancy Counselling Services provides friendly, confidential or emotional support and practical help for anyone involved in a worrying pregnancy. Free pregnancy testing is available and arrangements can be made for medical and legal consultation.

Counsellors help clients to find acceptable solutions to problems of accommodation, continuing education, material requirements and the stress often created by pressure from family or friends. In evaluating alternatives, clients consider the pros and cons of parenting a child, adoption and abortion.

For those suffering from a past abortion, Pregnancy Counselling Services helps through the recovery time until clients are strong enough to put aside the past and feel positive about the future.


Each branch has a comprehensive list of local persons and organization that they refer clients to when necessary.


Hamilton Diocesan Contact
Cynthia Piper
Phone: 0800 217 411

24 Hour Helpline numbers (Listed as Pregnancy Counselling services in the phone book)

Hamilton 07 855 5779

Tauranga 07 577 6880

Rotorua Calls through Hamilton.

Gisborne 06 867 0227

Post-abortion help 0800 217 033 (
Project Rachel)